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Introduction to Drylining

This is a 3-day long course where participants will develop the practical knowledge and skills to board timber and metal stud partitions and apply plasterboard to masonry backgrounds using the “dot and dab” method for the first time.


Using our DriLyner Dab system for “dot and dab” and our GypWall Single Frame system for boarding metal frameworks, the course is a solid starting point for those with little or no experience to drylining.

There is a short in-person induction but the course is mostly practical work. It covers measuring, cutting and fixing plasterboard, building a metal stud partition and applying plasterboards to masonry backgrounds.

By the end of the course participants will understand basic installation for both drylining systems and the related health and safety practices. They’ll also be able to interpret drawings, specifications, risk assessments, method statements and manufacturers information to make sure they’re confident to work to the highest standards.

The course is delivered by industry experts with a wealth of knowledge to share. It’s a great first step on the journey to becoming a trusted, safe and efficient installer and leads on to the GypCeilings course, Introduction and Advanced GypWall Single Frame Partitions course and Commercial Wall-linings course. 



Late arrivals

All courses are a minimum of 6 hours per day

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Language of delivery

All course delivery, documents and resources are in English only

Pre requisites

All learners must be able to speak and read English to be able to complete this course

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