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Elearning and blended learning

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Reseller/Distributor E-Learning - British Gypsum products and systems

This self paced course is aimed at resellers and distributors of British Gypsums products and systems and gives the learner a basic knowledge and understanding of common British Gypsums products and systems.

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Digital Leadership

The aims of this e-learning module are to identify the necessary leadership skills and competencies which are essential to successful digital transformation.

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Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis

Provides an introduction to the concept of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and gives consideration of the different stages of the LCA Process.

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Introduction to Sustainable Construction

Provides an overview of sustainable construction and Identifies of key themes which organisations need to consider when implementing or supporting sustainable construction activities.

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Gypwall Single Frame Partitions

A self paced course which is an introduction to Gypwall Single Frame Partitions.

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Mechanical taping

A short self paced E-Learning module to cover products and accessories associated with mechanical taping, application and common faults.

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Modern Slavery

This module discusses the issue of Modern Slavery.

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Asbesto Awareness

If you’re in a building that was built before the year 2000, it probably contains asbestos. The dangers that asbestos presents are serious, with it being responsible for around 5,000 deaths per year. Employers must ensure that anyone who could disturb asbestos while carrying out their everyday work understands what asbestos is and how to work in a competent and safe way, without risk to themselves or others.

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ThistlePro Range for Resellers and Distributors

This course is designed for resellers and distributors of British Gypsums products and systems who would like to know more about the ThistlePro range, its benefits to their customers and their clients to provide the confidence to discuss the range with prospective customers.

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Well-Being of Future Generations Act In Wales

In this module we will discuss the Wellbeing Future Generations Act in Wales.

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