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Pure Practical

This practical course is six hours of learning for anyone new to the industry, including branch or internal staff.


This practical course is six hours of learning for anyone new to the industry, including branch or internal staff. It’s a great opportunity to develop the practical knowledge and understanding needed to use some of British Gypsum’s most widely-used products and systems.

The course begins with a short induction, safety brief and product presentation. After that, there’s plenty of time to get hands-on with GypLyner Single, Celotex GA4000,  Isover SpaceSaver, GypWall Single Frame Partitions with Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR) and the ThistlePro range plasters and plenty more


By the end of the course participants will have first-hand knowledge of GypLyner Single, GypWall Single Frame and the ThistlePro Range. They’ll also know how to measure, cut and shape bespoke board sizes.

Led by a professional expert, the course is a great all-round introduction that leads on to the Pure Practical Advanced course.

Pre requisites


Language of delivery

This course is delivered in English, all resources used including registration forms etc are in english.


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